Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Freshness Mantra of FarmAge meat?

FarmAge procures healthy food animals/poultry and process under strict hygienic conditions.  From processing operations to delivery we keep our meat products at refrigerated temperature (0-4°) to ensure high quality food safety standards that keep the meat fresh, safe and tender.

  1. How to assure fresh meat?

Meat is the flesh of food animal/poultry that is derived after slaughter which is subjected to the hygienic process of conversion of muscle to meat is considered fresh meat.

The tenderness is most important property of meat. To obtain tender meat certain temperature –pH relation should be adhered post slaughter. Our FarmAge meat is maintained at 2-4°C for 24 hours after slaughter to obtain tenderness and to reach ultimate pH levels, core temperature and also ensure food safety.

  1. What we do at FarmAge to ensure food safety and quality?

As an FSSC 22000 certified facility, we follow international norms to ensure food quality and safety. FarmAge is sourcing the healthy animals directly from hygienic grazing farms. At FarmAge the animals are kept in the lairage, fed with plenty of water and food. Each animal is inspected before and after slaughtering and during processing by our quality assurance team i.e. Veterinarians, Microbiologists and Meat technologists to obtain the safe and wholesome meat. Entire processing activities takes place in a controlled refrigerated environment till the product reaches your place.

  1. Fresh chilled meat and frozen meat-are they one and the same?

The chilled meat that has been kept under freezing temperature (below -18°) is considered as frozen meat.

The meat that has been kept at temperature range of 2-4 °C for at least 24 hours soon after slaughter is considered fresh chilled meat.

  1. How best is your FarmAge meat products in term of shelf life/ keeping quality?

All FarmAge products are kept at a refrigerated temperature (0-4°C) till delivery and all the products are labelled with processing and expiry dates.  Please check the expiry date before consumption.

  1. How best is the wholesomeness of the FarmAge meat products when thawed after freezing?

If you freeze the meat, we advise to cook just after thawing following standard SOPs. Its always delicious to cook the fresh chilled meat.

  1. How fresh is your seafood?

The most important characteristic of a fish is that its freshness and the freshest fish is the one that has just been caught. The smell of fresh fish is specific to its origin (sea, lake, river, fish pond) and it shall be pleasant and neutral. Spoiled fish has an unpleasant smell. FarmAge always serve the freshest fish from source to our delightful customer.

  1. Do you process and sell beef/pork?

Our product line includes only poultry, lamb/goat and seafood.

  1. Do you add any preservatives/hormones/antibiotics to meat?

At FarmAge, it is the natural meat that is delivered. Except for its naturalness, nothing is added.

  1. Please help me understand the nutritional information of FarmAge Products?

Fresh meat has different nutritional values depending upon the species of animal/chicken/fish. Nutritional information of the respective product will be mentioned on its vacuum pouch.